Traditional Bhangra Costumes for men and women in Punjab

Bhangra is a popular folk dance in the Punjab region in Indian subcontinent. In both Indian and Pakistani Punjab regions, Bhangra dance is very popular. Different types of attires are also worn by men and women while participating in this folk dance.

Bhangra contests have been organized in Punjab for a lot of decades. Mostly young participate in this competitions. It is mainly held in the harvest season like Baisakhi.

Traditional Bhangra costumes for men:

Traditional men outfit is chaadra worn while performing this dance. Chaadra is a large piece of cloth completely draped around the waist. Kurta is also attire for men for this folk dance. Pagi (turban) is a traditional headdress to cover the head.

These days, men also put on turla, which is attached to the turban. Colourful and designer vests are worn over the kurta. Phummans are tied to the ropes are put on the arms.

Traditional Bhangra costumes for women:

While performing Bhangra, women wear salwar kameez, kameez (long colourful shirt) and salwar (a type of baggy pant). Females also cover their neck and breast area with chunni (a long piece of cloth).

All these outfits are vibrant and colourful, showing the right culture of Punjab. In addition, the bhangra costumes have diverse parts such as:

  • Jugi, an attractive and designer waistcoat without any buttons.
  • Pagri (headgear) that depicts the pride of Punjabi men.
  • Chadar or Lungi is a loose and long loincloth worn around the waist.
  • Kurta is a type of silk skirt with 4 buttons. It is embroidered in a stunning pattern.
  • Rumāl, is a small size of "scarf" adorned in fingers.

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