Types of Hindu Clothing

Hinduism is one of the major religions in the world. Billions of people follow Hindu culture and religious practices throughout the world. Hindu style clothing is also exclusive and designed in a wide range of colours and designs. Hindu attire can be seen in Hindu weddings where both bride and groom wear the religious clothing during the Hindu wedding rituals. Family members, relatives and friends also participate in the wedding wearing the traditional clothing.

All religious people have their dressing style. In ancient times, Hindus used to drape their body with single cloth, mainly pandits and religious gurus. They used to drape their body with plane yellow coloured clothing.

Hindu Clothing for Men:

Dhoti, kurta, lungi, pyjama, sherwani, gamcha and langot are some of the outfits of Hindu men. Some of these are not worn commonly like langot which is worn while practising wrestling.

Hindu Clothing for Women:

Hindu clothing for women include saree, lehenga, choli, churidar, salwar, kameez, etc. These attires have categories as well, like saree can be found in wide varieties. So, there are various dressing options for women in Hinduism.

Hindu style clothing is unique. Experiments can also be done with Hindu clothing for both men and women. Fashion designers are well-versed to come up with innovative designs using Hindu clothes because these attires have lots of room to do experiment.