Indian Robe for Men and Women


Travelers attract toward colorful Indian attires and draped clothes. Diversity in clothing is also unique in the country. Divided in so many states and regions, India has an array of so many different cultures. Indian robes also vary according to these geographical areas. Silk sarees, designer lehengas, bright and colorful cholis and attractive salwar kameez are well known among travelers. Most of the travels can be seen wearing these dresses and wondering around in the country.

Most of the Indians like to wear a draped cloth, which is common attire in the country. Saree is the famous yet simple draped cloth for women, but a wide range of sarees are found in different styles, patterns and designs that distinguish them. Simple draped robe in India is designer as well to give them an exclusive appearance. Saree is worn with a blouse and petticoat. Men commonly wear dhoti and kurta, however westernization can be seen these days as men wear shirt, t-shirt, jeans and trouser. Women of urban areas also prefer to wear western outfits.

Clothing for Men:

Indian men can be seen wearing western outfits but not everywhere. In rural India, most men wear traditional clothing like dhoti, kurta, lungi, pyjama, etc. The traditional attires for men have their exclusive identity that differentiates them from western clothes. If you are traveling India, I would suggest you to do some shopping in the local markets in India and buy some traditional clothes. Wear the traditional clothing and then you’ll get a better experience of exploring several tourist destinations with their clothing touch.

Lungi is mainly originated in the south India. Made of simple material, lungi is tied below waist. Dhoti is different than lungi, a little longer and mostly worn in north India. Villagers also wear loose pyjama that look like trousers.

Clothing for Women:

Saree is the most common clothing for women in India. It is worn in all parts of the country. Saree can be called as Indian women’s national dress. Different type of material can be used to design beautiful saris like silk and cotton. Other traditional clothing for women include lehenga or ghagra choli, suit salwar, orhni, etc.

Dressing styles in India vary among different castes, religions and people from different geographical backgrounds.