Saree, The First Clothing Choice of Indian Women

When it comes to tradition, culture and society, Indian women are at par with men. They know what all things need to be done to maintain the decorum. The same thing goes with costumes as well. Women like to wear traditional outfits like saree to stay in touch with their culture. Saree designs are not new to the Indian society and these beautiful patterns were even found in ancient times of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Sarees are mainly divided regional wise and according to the choice of Individual community.

Indian sarees have gone through the changing times. The influences of Mughal era can also be seen in some types of sarees. At present in the globalized world, the presence of saree still exists with a few modifications in designs and patterns. Westernization in Indian culture has also forced changes in saree designs. Modern Indian sarees speak the language of the new trend in Indian society.

The history of India saree tells that earlier sarees were hand-woven with cotton or silk and these days artisans use various raw materials to design beautiful sarees. In western India, artisans make use of metallic thread embroidery and shiny embellishments like mirrors, sequins and tinsels to design saree. Tie-dye and block-printing are also extensively used techniques of this region for decorating and weaving styles. The artisans of western India design beautiful sarees for parties, festivals, social gatherings and traditional events. The creativity of artisans can be seen on the blocks of the saree. Their excellent workmanship is visible from the saree blocks. The quality of fabrics used to design sarees also matter a lot while determining the clothing.

Rich women prefer wearing good quality sarees which are made after lots of hard work while poor women are ready to compromise the quality aspect. Saris such as muslins of Alwar are brush dyed and printed with the fine muslins known as transparent muslins of Kota, masuria malmal, etc. Such sarees are worn by the rich women. There are some other famous sarees of West India like Tussar Sarees, Chanderi Sarees, Patola Sarees, Tinsel Sarees, Paithani Sarees, Maheswari Sarees and Gujarati Brocade Sarees.

Georgette saree is also an extensively worn saree throughout India. It has gained dame because of its light weighted fabric. Georgette saree is a good party or festive wear. It can be found in a wide range of colours. At times, georgette sarees are embellished with zari work and beads. Though silk sarees have been worn often by the Indian women, in recent times georgette sarees have gained a lot of popularity. Now the market of georgette sarees is very big and its demand is ever-increasing.