Charisma of Modern Indian Sarees


The fashion in clothing keeps on changing from time to time. It effects can be seen in Indian sarees as well. Because of globalization the designs of Indian women’s clothing has seen drastic changes in the past few years. Saree is one of the main traditional attires for Indian women and even its patterns and designs have modified in the modern world.

Georgette saree is extensively worn throughout India. It has become popular due to its light weight. Georgette saree can be worn in festivals as well as in parties. With beautiful designs made by georgette base, the saree is perfectly embellished. The intricate workmanship and stitches of the saree is done with pure georgette.

Chiffon saree is made of high quality fabrics such as nylon and silk. Chiffon saree is transparent and light in weight. Women love to wear chiffon saree on a daily basis. Made of fine yarns, the saree has tightly twisted yarns. These days chiffon sarees are incorporated with zardousi work along with heavy mirror work, bead work, zari work and sequin work. Chiffon sarees are also designed with the inspiration of the famous designs for special occasions like wedding and parties. There are some bridal sarees which have base material as chiffon.

Motka silk saree has been made by the handloom fabric beautifully woven by the weavers living in Bhagalpur, India. By modifying the amount of yarn that can be used to create the saree, it is possible to vary the thickness and texture of the clothing. The saree is a great combination of blue and cream making it looks exclusive. It is also possible to wear the clothing like gown.

The charisma of modern sarees is also evident in Bollywood wherein beautiful actresses drape sarees in different styles. They invent new patterns to wear the outfit to show their uniqueness. Getting popular in the big screen is not so easy and it is also very difficult for well-established heroines to sustain their fame. That’s why they always try to come up with something new with their clothing including fashionable sarees.

Though there are many modern types of sarees used to draping, let’s review some of them. Super Net Sarees, Jute Silk Sarees, Bhagalpuri Sarees and Gheecha Sarees are famous for their unique designs.