Tanchoi Sarees, Clothing for Women of North India

Tanchoi sarees are not only traditional but the best suited and comfortable outfit for women. It is a traditional attire of Surat, Gujarat. Weavers of Surat are skilled to produce beautiful Tanchoi sarees. These are one of the most sought after sarees in India. Available in a wide range of colors, Tanchoi sarees are articulately designed with a metallic look. The attire is ideal for special occasions and parties. Embellished with heavy silk and thread work, Tanchoi sarees have rich fabric and vibrant colors to attract women.

Heavy silk is used to design Tanchoi sarees. These sarees are embroidered with attractive threads. The richness in style of this clothing makes is exclusive and highly demanding. Different types of refinement processes take place during the creation process of Tanchoi sarees. The saree is mainly worn in wedding by the bride of Gujarat. It has a great satin finish to redefine the traditional clothing for women.

History of Tanchoi Sarees:

Tanchoi brocades are initially created in China. The attire came to India in nineteenth century during the traditional between England, China and Parasi. At the end of nineteenth century, three Parsi brothers known as “Chhoi” learned the creation process of Tanchoi brocades. They introduced Tanchoi saree to Gujarat. Tanchoi actually means “Three Chhois” named after the surname of “Chhoi Brothers”.

Tanchoi Sarees In Today’s Era:

Though Tanchoi textiles were originated in China, its large market was developed in Banaras during 1940s. Tanchoi textiles are incorporated with zari work and then beautiful Tanchoi sarees are produced. Weavers of Banaras have expertise in modern Indian version of Tanchoi brocades.

How Is Tanchoi Sarees Crafted?

Tanchoi sarees are weaved in silk. The weaving process is very complex as it included one or two and two to five weft colors often weaved in the similar shed. Heavy fabric is crafted with accuracy. At times unused threads are also woven at the back of the saree. Weavers use sati with fabric for weaving process over the surface of the outfit.

Designs and Patterns of Tanchoi Sarees:

Available in various designs and patterns, Tanchoi sarees have so many designer options to choose from. Commonly used designs in this saree are of parrot, peacocks, small birds and flowers motifs. Tanchoi saree has small designer spots all over it with the combination of different colors. The texture background of Tanchoi saree has attractive satin finishing.

Types of Tanchoi Sarees:

Tanchoi sarees can be found in a wide variety such as:

Mushabbar: This type of Tanchoi saree has net woven design to show the branches and bushes of tree. The Mushabbar design commonly has greenery of the nature.

Satin Tanchoi: It is made of satin fabric in one color and having the weft threads of various colors.

Atlas or Gilt: Its fabric comprises pure satin. The fabric is heavier than other fabrics such as gilt or atlas and this is the reason why it gives extra shine.

Satin Zari Tanchoi: This is similar to Satin Tanchoi which has weft in the combination of either 1 gold thread or 2 silk threads or 1 silk or 1 gold thread.