Kota Saree of North India


Beautiful kota saree is usually designed in Kota, Rajasthan. Other places where the clothing is created include Mau and Muhammadabad Gohna in Uttar Pradesh. The traditional attire for women is made of pure silk and cotton. Kota saris are also known as "Kota Doria” made of ultra transparent silk and cotton weave. The clothing is designed in a beautiful way. Kota sarees have unique designs with great look. It is ideal apparel for summer. 

Advantages of Kota Saree: 

Beautifully made of pure silk and cotton, Kota Doria is the combination of various types of weft and wrap. These are woven in the stunning square check patterns. The square check patterns are called as “Khat” made of transparent fabric. 

Origin of Kota Saree:

Initially this saree was known as “Masuria” as it was designed in Mysore. From South India the weavers moved to North India in Kota during the late seventeenth century and they designed Kota saree. 

How Kota Saree Is Designed?

Kota Doria is beautifully woven on a pit loom creating attractive square check design on the fabric. Extra finishing is added to give a glowing look. Weaving is done by various activiti4s such as sizing, pirn winding, dyeing, warping, etc. Kota saree is woven in white color and then dyed with vivid hues. Zari work is also used to embellish the saree border. 

Industry Involved In The Production of Kota Saree:

Rajasthan Handloom Development Corporation produces Kota sarees. All features are added in the outfit including border patched and embroidery to make the sarees extraordinary.