Bollywood Sarees and Beautiful Divas


Sarees are very popular in Bollywood. Actresses love to wear attractive and designer sarees representing their great glam to their fans. Era wide representation can be seen in Bollywood sarees with the changing trends. Draping patterns of sarees have also been tried out by beautiful ladies over the years. These patterns have turned into the great success in the range of traditional Indian clothing for women.

From the initial days of Bollywood, the fashion of sarees has been into limelight. The draping patterns have also seen various changes in the Hindi Film Industry. In 60s and 70s the style of wearing sarees was completely different than today. However, the fashion is called old and old styles also come into picture from time to time. Earlier actresses used to wear saree with short pallu (end piece). Divas like Jaya Bhaduri, Rekha and Mumtaz renewed the style of draping. Rekha started wearing saree with lots of jewelries. Jaya Bhaduri was mostly seen in movies wearing simple ethnic saree. In 90s different wearing pattern came into Bollywood wherein Madhuri and Shridevi were seen in vibrant chiffon sarees.

In recent times actresses like Rani Mukherjee, Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai are flaunting sarees with their charisma. In Devdas movie both Madhuri and Aishwarya worn heavy embroidered sarees. These days fashion designers are also very choosy to design unique and suitable outfits for their actresses. They have competition amongst themselves to come up with something new every time to show their talent and get fame. Bollywood is the right platform for fashion designers to make or break their career.