Beautiful Designs of Paithani Sarees


Paithani saree has unique patterns that attract women toward this traditional outfit of India. The saree got its name from a village called Paithan in Aurangabad district, Maharashtra. A wide variety of Paithani sari is available to choose from.

Paithani got fame during the period of Maratha in Maharashtra. 'Asavali' was the main motifs at that point of time. The made out of this motif was called as Asavali Paithani sari.

The pallu and the border contains floral and creeper motifs on the golden background. The pallu has a gold tissue with colorful rosettes. These types of sarees are mostly worn by the brides.

What Are The Main Characteristics of Paithani Sarees? 

Paithani saree has well-known and unique pallu and border. In old days, the saree was famous for having two to three colors. Zari was used to create Paithanis. However these days silver has replaced the gold to make Paithanis as a reasonable option. The sari comprises ornamental pallu and zari border. Paithanis having motifs are very stylish such as paisleys, stars, peacocks, circles and flowers.

Weaving of Paithani Sarees:

Paithani saree is hand woven with beautiful designs. It has raw silk with caustic soda. Beautifully dyed in various colors the saree has extensive look. The silk threads are woven very diligently during the weaving process.