Traditional Gadwal Sarees


Beautifully designed and decorated Gadwal sarees have stunning combination of fabric. The attire is mainly manufactured in a small yet famous town known as Gadwal in Mahbubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh. The glam of this clothing reflects from its intricate elements. Professional weavers are involved in designing Gadwal sari with the great weaving technique.

Demonstrating fine ethnicity and modern designs, Gadwal saree has everything to attract women. Cotton and silk are two main fabrics of Gadwal Saree. Interlocked weft technique is used to design this saree. The sari is designed of cotton and its border is made of fine silk.

History of Gadwal Saree:

In 1930 Gadwal sarees came into picture after the starting of the spinning looms. A wide range of Gadwal saris were produced in Andhra Pradesh. The different designs and patterns of Gadwal sarees got fame in a short span of time. Colors and designs of Gadwal saree were taken from the nature. As the time passes on, vibrant colors were replaced from the natural ones.

What All Features Gadwal Saree Comprise?

Gadwal saree is made of cotton and silk. The high quality fabrics make it ideal ethnic clothing for women.

Creation of Gadwal Saree:

Various types of borders and designs are used to design beautiful Gadwal sarees. The silk fabric is the composition of Mulberry silk and Tussar silk. The mixture of cotton and silk is equally proportionate to the clothing.

Designs of Gadwal Saree:

Gadwal saree has complete cotton weaving while its borders are made of silk. The golden zari of this saree has exclusive touch. Its brocaded designs are beautifully woven to depict the patterns of South Indian culture.

Gadwal Handloom Centre:

Established in 1946, the Gadwal Handloom Centre was founded by Late Shri Ratan Babu Rao. His was to spread the awareness about Gadwal saree.