Traditional Bomkai Saree of East India


Bomkai saree has ethnic value in East India. It comprises the combination of supplementary thread work and Ikkat style, showing the exclusivity of tribal artwork. Beautiful embroidery interwoven is done in both sides of the saree. Bomkai saree is also called as Sonepuri saree. Fabricated and designed by the Bhulia community, Bomkai saree has a great charm and appeal

This is a promising dress for the women of Brahmin community. Bomkai saree is famous in Orissa for its high quality and find design. Available in cotton and silk fabrics, this saree is good to be worn on different occasions. Unlike old days when Bomkai saree was the main attire of rich people, the attire is now preferred by common people as well.

Beautiful Motifs and Designs in Bomkai Saris

The embodied and stylish Bomkai sarees have vibrant colors. The historic belief is clearly shown in the borders. Pallus are designed with the stunning threadwork. General weft and wrap are also very common in the saree. Pallu is woven very carefully with extraordinary designs and contrasting colors. Different colors are included in the background.

Motifs used in Bomkai saree are inspired from the tribal and natural art giving captivating look. Different kinds of patterns can be seen in Bomkai saree representing it amazing attire for women.

Types of Bomkai Sarees 

A wide range of Bomkai saree can be found such as Bapta, Sonepuri, Barpali and Pasapali sarees.