Kasavu Saree, Traditional Saree of South India


Kasavu saree is beautifully designed women’s apparel representing the beauty of Kerala. The saree has elegant color with attractive border. Its texture is simply amazing giving extraordinary representation. Soaked up in pure gold color, Kasavu saree has intrinsic borders. It is auspicious women’s clothing in Kerala in Onam festival. The beautiful saree is also known as Balarampur Saree or Kerala Saree.

Comfortable, soft and easy to wear, Kasavu saree is an ideal option for parties, wedding and other grand events. Kasavu look is best suited for Mohiniattam dance.

Designs of Kasavu Saree: 

The original Kasavu saree is made of pure cotton. The saree is beautifully decorated with various designs like flowers, peacock, etc. it has gold butis with medium and thin border. The price of Kasavu saree is dependent on its designs and border.

Occasions to Wear Kasavu Saree:

Onam is the main festival of Kerala when women wear Kasavu saree. The clothing is embroidered attractively. Folk dances are performed after wearing this sari. Gold colored jewelry is worn with this outfit.