Jamdani Sarees: Beautiful and Traditional Women’s Apparel


The cotton made saree of West Bengal is known as Jamdani. Depicting traditional designs and patterns, the saree has everything to attract wearers. The Daccai Jamdani is a kind of fabric wherein artisans make stunning designs. Fine texture and ornate workmanship are two common factors that distinguish this outfit from others. It has Batik prints made of Javanese wax method of designing, originated in Santiniketan. Handloom is still used extensively in rural India. Silk screened and hand-painted designs are also very popular. These can be found in Jamdani sarees as well.

Types of Jamdani Sarees:

A wide variety of Jamdani sarees can be found in the market to choose from. Its name is derived from the similar name village. The main type of Jamdani saree is known as Daccai jamdani. The version of saree is commonly produced in Navdeep and Dhattigram area of West Bengal.

Daccai Jamdani:

Extensively designed Daccai Jamdani saree has mutant cousins resembling great ornate workmanship. A warp is beautifully ornamented with two additional wefts. On the other hand the real Bangladeshi sari has beige background, while Indian artisans are very choosy for the color selection.

The Daccai Jamdani is handmade in the Jala loom fashioned. It has been designed with high quality material to show its super class.

Other Types of Jamadani Sarees: 

There are various ranges of Jamadani sarees usually made of Jamdani motifs. Its background color is beige with attractive design.

Other famous styles of Bengali saree include Begumpuri, Tangail, Shantipuri and Dhoneokali.