Designer Maheswari Saree


A wide range of Maheswari sarees are found with unique patterns and designs. Maheswari saree is mainly designed by artisans in a town i.e. Maheswar in Madhya Pradesh. Maheswar town is the hub for cultural and political activities in Madhya Pradesh. Maheswari saree is popular throughout India for its exclusive borders. The wearing pattern of this saree is also very different. Women wear this saree with its pleats in the front and back side by tucking into their waist.

Origin of Maheswari Saree:

Maheswari saree was originated in eighteenth century under the rule of Queen Ahilyabai Holkar. It is believed that Queen Ahilyabai Holkar asked her craftsmen to create a unique saree for their relatives and guests. Then that saree was named as Maheswari saree. Initially the clothing was only worn by the royal women. These days, it is worn by common people as well because of its easy available in the market at reasonable price.

Design of Maheswari Saree:

Maheshwari saree is commonly made of silk and cotton, known for its simple design. It has a plain body. Sometimes its body comprises checks or stripes as well. The designs of this saree are inspired from the places and temples of Maheswar making it a popular town. The plain design Maheshwari saree include baingani and chandrakala, made of chocolate weft and blackish violet warp. Chandratara design also includes pictures of starts and the moon.

The karnphool design is also very famous for its wide range of flowers and leaves. Maheshwari saree has a beautiful pallu uniquely made with 5 stripes, out of them 2 are white and 3 are colored. These days Maheshwari sarees are design in artificial and natural silk. Chanderi cotton is the perfect material for Maheshwari saree for summer wear. Gold borders of this saree are also very popular. The light weighted saree is really a charm to wear.

Method of Designing Maheswari Sarees:

Artisans put their all efforts to design cotton thread. The technique to dye is done by vegetable dyes made of plants in katha color. The motifs and borders of this saree are beautifully woven with beautiful threads.