Beautiful Designs of Sambalpuri Sarees


Sambalpuri saree is beautifully hand-woven clothing which has tie-dyed weft and warp. Weaving is done after completing the weft and warp tie-dying process. Sambalpuri saree is mainly produced in the Boudh, Bargarh, Sambalpur, Sonepur, and Balangir districts of Orissa. Sambalpuri saree is popular for its incorporated motifs such as flower (phula), shell (shankha) and wheel (chakra). These motifs have great symbolism. Animal motifs can also be seen in the saree in the pallu and borders. The superior craftsmanship of Sambalpuri saree is known as "Bandhakala". “Sambalpuri Ikkat” is also well-known tie-dye method. Handloom technique is also famous to design Sambalpuri sari. Types of Sambalpuri saree include Bapta, Sonepuri, Barpali, Bomkai and Pasapali. These sarees are demanded a lot.

Design and Fabric of Sambalpuri Saree:

Sambalpuri fabrics depict unique craft called as Baandha. Quality material is used to design the saree that makes it attractive and durable. Craftsmen use pictures of flora and fauna to design Baandhas. Even portraits of flowers and landscape can also be seen in the outfit.

Tie-dye method is used to create Baandha fabric. The yarns are beautifully tied as per the specific patterns. Designs are visible on both sides of the clothing. Artisans make sure to not bleach to any other color after dying.

History of Sambalpuri Saree:

These days Baandha fabric is well-known for its cultural and geographical name i.e. Sambalpuri. It was long back created by Sri Radheshyam Meher. He brought skilled craftsmanship and initiated the handloom work in 1926. Skilled artisans designed a wide range of sarees. The former Prime Minister India Gandhi also used to wear this saree that made it popular throughout India.

Handloom Industry and Sambalpuri Saree:

The booming handloom industry played a big role in developing various types of Sambalpuri sarees. Other types of sarees that you can look after include siminoi, Sambalpuri, kotpad, khandua and ikat. Other Sambalpuri items that are famous include towels, curtains, sofa covers, bed sheets, salwar kami, dhila and kurti.