Traditional Batik Sarees


Batik saree is known for its color contrast and beautiful designs. The areas of Batik saree are dyed on the similar piece. Showing the replica of inner beauty, this type of saree is simply amazing to wear regularly. Batik art is very popular and usually done in Bherongarh and Indore.

In ancient times, indigo was the commonly used dyeing color to create Batik saree. It gained popularity in India a long ago. The process of waxing and dyeing got declined in recent times.

How to Create Batik Saree?

There are three stages to create this type of saree i.e. dyeing, waxing and de-waxing. Many sub stages are also available such as arranging the cloth, marking appropriate designs, stretching the apparel’s cloth, waxing the cloth area, dying the cloth and lastly remove the wax.

Batik is a persistent way with molten wax and beautifully dyeing with cold dyes. The shade of Batik saree is also very vibrant. Mixed colors are also added to give it a unique design.