Traditional Baluchari Sarees of East India


Baluchari saree is designed beautifully by artisans by giving it a traditional touch. Mainly popular in East India, Baluchari saree is known for its designs, patterns, vibrant colors, unique patters and other ultimate features. Inspired from Hindu religion, the borders of Baluchari saree also comprise the pictures of Ramayana. Fabrics are also used of high quality to make it a durable and good looking outfit. Weaving technique is used to produce Baluchari saree. The main centers where Baluchari sarees are created include Murshidabad, Burdwan and Bankura. The traditional apparel is created by ensure the exclusive appeal and royal touch. Though it is expensive clothing, most women have it to wear on special occasions.

History of Baluchari Sarees:

Baluchari silk saree is known to have its main product center in Murshidabad in West Bengal. The perception about is that Baluchari saree was originated from Jamdani sarees of Dhaka. Baluchari saree got its name from a small village known Baluchara in Murshidabad, where it was initially created.

Motifs and Designs of Baluchari Saree:

Various patterns are incorporated in Baluchari saree such as stars, moon, sun, etc. motifs include beautiful nature related stuff. Main colors used in this saree are blue, red, white, yellow, cream, green, chocolate and purple. Combination of different colors is added in the clothing. Silk based saree with brocaded designs make it simply special.

The contrast of Baluchari saree is simply amazing to look at. Designer patterns and contrast yarns are highly in demand. The floral motifs are added with a wide range of flowering shrubs.