Traditional Pat Sarees of East India


Similar to Muga sarees, Pat sarees are also produced only in Assam. Pat sarees are the pride of Assam with their distinguish features and designs. Mekhla Chaddar, the traditional attire of Assam is made of Pat Silk. These days pat silk is used to create saris to meet the demands of wearers. The distinguish styles and patterns of Muga sarees make them exclusive from other types of sarees. The pat silk sarees have royal appeal. The white color and bright cream of these sarees have prominent sensation. The natural shine of Pat sarees is regarded as the most desirable for various occasions. Ladies love to drape themselves with pat sarees. Assam is also a big exporter of pat silk sarees, which exports this type of saree to different parts of the India and the world. Assam is popular for its ethnic silk.

Pat Silk:

Pat silk is a type of Muga silk, made of fine silk. Being an indigenous production of Assam, it is also known as Mulberry silk. Bombyxtextor silkworms are used to produce this fabric. These silkworms feed on mulberry leaves. Woven in the northeast region of India, Pat silk has gained a lot of fame because of its unmatchable features.

Motifs and Designs of Pat Silk Saree:

Pat sarees are woven and knitted in different patterns. The attire also has butis and motifs on its border. Ethnic groups of Assam have their own styles of sarees. The motifs used to create pat sarees have ethnic symbols of animals, creepers, channels, birds and flowers. Dying is also done in these sarees in vibrant colours by including the traditional touch. Silver and gold embroideries are used to create these sarees. Pat silk is also used to design beautiful bridal wear.

Demand of Pat Silk Sari:

Though pat silk sarees have a lot of fame in Indian and abroad, it is limited to dealers. The weavers do not have any contact with the outside world. This is the reason why they are paid less for their work. However, the handloom industry is a booming business and helping many people for their livelihood.

How to Care for Pat Silk Sarees?

Pat silk is long-lasting fabric. It is lightweight and delicate silk to get the unique attire. Pat silk needs to be cleaned with a dry cloth. Regular maintenance is also important to avoid any type of damage.