Traditional Bomkai Sarees of East India


Bomkai saree is a beautifully designed apparel of Orissa. It is named after the village from where it was derived since 1980s. The saree is unique due to its stunning patterns, designs and styles.

Artisans have expertise in creating this attire. This saree was initially made for Brahmins, aristocracy and maharaja of the Ganjam and Chikiti districts. Made of cotton and heavy woven, these saris were mainly dyed in vibrant colours, commonly in white, red and black. Its warp threads were warps for specific sizes of end pieces. The dense layer of colour for prominent end pieces also gives a singular appearance.

Wear fabrics are used to produce Bomkai sarees with singular patterns and designs. The patterns have uniquely defined as kalera, rukha, kanthi phoola and dombaru. The end pieces of these sarees are attractive with their exclusive designs. Simple needle work is used to produce Bomkai sarees, which is one of its specialties.