Traditional Baluchari Sarees of East India


Baluchari saree is one of the well-known attires for women in East India. The traditional saree is designed beautifully by including quality fabric. Artisans put their all efforts to create Baluchari sarees. At times the borders of these sarees are beautifully embellished with the depictions from the Ramayana. So, the women’s clothing is also symbol of culture and religion of Indian society.

East India is known for producing beautiful Baluchari sarees with reliable fabrics. Artisans of this region also have expertise in designing a wide range of Baluchari sarees. Murshidabad in West Bengal is the hub for producing Baluchari sarees. These sarees are originated from Dhaka. Baluchari saree derived its name from a small village Baluchari in Murshidabad. Unique motifs and patterns are used to design these sarees and give them exclusive appearance.

Baluchari sarees are designed with the motifs and scenes of stars, moon, sun and many other beautiful designs. Natural objects are added to the borders of these saris. Different types of colours are used in these sarees including blue, red, white, yellow, cream, chocolate, purple and green. Embellished with the edges of butis and floral designs. The end piece is also the main center of attraction of this saree.

Baluchari sarees have beautiful brocaded designs. Silk base is another specialty of this attire. Baluchar bootidars are made of rich work and light contrast. Contrast yarns are used to create different kinds of patterns for these saris. The contrast yarns are helpful in harmonizing the main fabric. Common colours that are applied for the creation process include scarlet, red, green, yellow and blue. Baluchari sarees contain big sizes of floral motifs beautified with stunning flowering shrubs. To give a new look to these saris, artisans do all necessary practices. The Muslim communities are known for having quality artisans of Baluchari sarees. They include various depictions in the clothing with floral motifs. Borders of these sarees are also decorated in a well-mannered.

Weaving technique is famous in East India for producing Baluchari sarees. These are mainly produced in Murshidabad, Burdwan and Bankura by ensuring to keep the unique charm and majestic touch.