Designs in Printed Indian Sarees


Both urban and rural women like to wear printed sarees. They have flair of wearing such type of designer saree. Designs of these printed sarees depict so many things including the replica of communities, customs, religions and regions. The hand printed designer sarees have everything to attract the wearers.

Intricate designs are used in hand made cotton khadi sarees with silk riddled design, inspired by the Mughal pattern of designing. Motifs and three dimensional floral patterns are also used to create the attire. Silk sarees include direct and resist printed designs. Artisans from Rajasthan and Sanganer are into weaving of this women’s clothing. During the 18th and 19th centuries, these saris became the highly exported attires with huge demand in other countries.

Printed sarees have a big market in the country itself. Artisans involved in the production and designing process have all the expertise to come up with something new everything they involve in the creation. Different types of fabrics are used to produce the printed sarees.