Banarasi Sarees


Banaras is also called as Varanasi which is known for its beautiful sarees. With a wide variety of colors, designs, patterns and styles, these sarees of Banaras are uniquely made with lots of added features. Banaras is known as the heart of zari silk weaving industry in India. It produces fine zari silk sarees in multiple colors and designs.

These days, the weavers of Banarasi sarees are mainly Muslims who belong to the Julaha community. They are well versed in producing high quality sarees with their extensive designs. They are popular for their marketing acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Some weavers of Banaras have roots of their ancestors doing the same work dated back to AD 990 that period of was known as the 'naksha drawloom'. Banarasi saree has a long history. That has made it one of the well-known sarees in India. A few alterations in motifs and patterns of Banarasi saree show its real charm. The mixture of Persian and Indian patterns makes it glamorous attire for women.

Banarasi sarees include vibrant colors with stunning designs. As per the recent trends, weavers and fashion designers come up with latest collection of Banarasi sarees. Additionally, the Banarasi saree comprises a wide variety in itself. So women already have plenty of options to choose from a number of Banarasi sarees. The finest Indian brocades are added in this clothing. The beautiful patterns and designs of Banarasi saree vary depending on the designs of supplementary thread such as dense border patterns. Highly designed pally and end piece have supplementary weft. Fine threads are made in different sizes.

Most of the Banarasi brocades are influenced by Mughal designs. Depictions of Mughal designs are clearly visible in this attire. Intricate bel, floral, kalga and motifs are also viewable. Artisans come up with a number of designs such as jaal, buta and buti, which including shrub and several types of flowers. Leaves are also included in the saree design.

Banaras brocade motifs are commonly patterned in three dimensions. Traditional brocade saris are commonly available in light colours. The southern and western silks are also used to create this saree. Its distinguish look makes Banarasi saree one of the most sought after women’s apparels.