Banarasi Saree


Indian brides love to wear traditionally designed Banarasi saree. Known as the famous bridal wear, Banarasi saree is one of the top selling sarees in India. Banaras is the main city producing silk sarees. A wide range of silk sarees are produced in Banaras with exclusive designs, colors and patterns. 

The production of Banarasi saree got fame during the Mughal Era. Artisans from different sections of the society are involved in the production of Banarasi sarees. They are skilled artisans to design these sarees. The flowery designs and patterns are included in Banarasi sarees. Studded designs with beautiful flakes of silver and gold depicting the charm of Mughal designs. 

Banarasi sarees are commonly made of silk. Artisans use different ways to embellish the attires with beautiful threads designed of silver and gold. Intricate designs from royal attires look stunning. Threads and zari are added to beautify the attire. Artisans also make use of motifs to produce attractive wears. 

Banarasi sarees are commonly found in local marketplaces. Made of fine silk, zari, sattir or georgette, the women’s clothing is a symbol of traditional outfit in India. Varanasi is known as the center of producing Banarasi sarees. 

Quality fabrics and unique designs of this saree are simply amazing. This is the reason why Banarasi saree is the main traditional clothing for women in India.