Attractive Designs In Indian Sarees


Indian sarees have various designs with their specific styles, patterns and cultural touch. These are also made of different fabrics. Indian saree is known throughout the world because of its wide variety of designs.

There are three designs of Indian saree i.e. the field, the end piece and the longitudinal borders. These designs look stunning when women wear such sarees. Weavers put their all efforts to create designer sarees. Such designs depict so many things such as the status of society, community and region. Special motifs are used to create designs in Indian sarees. The added ornaments are beautified by the weaving them cautiously. The more ornaments are added in the saree, the more costly it becomes. Motifs in sarees are inspired by literature, temple architectures, painting and sculpture.

Weft or warp weaving is used to extend the borders of sarees to the full length. The weaving is done through the warp threads. Embroidery and printing work is also employed during this process. Different regions, villages and towns have their unique saree designs. Weavers from West Bengal are known for creating exclusive saree designs. The pricy and ornamented sarees include complicate pallu or end pieces in compare to affordable sarees. Occasions and draping styles are also kept in mind by weavers while creating saree designs. Some artisans leave saree undercoated for those women who are interested in plain sarees.

Designs in Indian sarees have gained a new fame with the changing time. Modern and current trends are being used by fashion designers in their latest collection of sarees. This has made Indian sarees acceptable throughout the world.