Traditional Tinsel Sarees of West India


Beautifully decorated and designed tinsel sarees are a type of metallic embroidered sarees. They are worn extensively throughout West India and other parts of the country. Due to the attractiveness of these sarees, many women love to adorn such attires on special occasions. These attires are also called as khari and in areas like Kutch and Saurashtra these are called as Roghan.

Tinsel sarees are commonly silk screened and block printed. In place of the dying, transparent resinous glue is beautifully printed onto its fabric. Made of high quality fabric, tinsel sarees are known for their superior quality and high demand. The word khari has become substitute of tinsel throughout the country. These days, synthetic gold coloured particles and paints are used for creating beautiful tinsel saris.

To create tinsel sarees are designed with stunning embroidery by including the contemporary designing techniques. Khari work is employed in most of the block printing methods in West India. Mills located in Ahmedabad have expertise in producing a wide range of tinsel sarees with extensive designs, colours and patterns. Decorated sarees with gold dust are really amazing to wear due to their dazzling style.