Traditional Patola Sarees of West India


Patola sarees are one of the most time consuming apparels of the Western India during the creation process. Such sarees have beautiful intricate 5 colour designs along with resist dying onto both weft and warp threads. These are done prior weaving. Artisans have perfection in the production of Patola sarees. They design this outfit with a lot of care.

Historically, Patola sarees have a lot of significance. There are evidences that these apparels have been created since 13th century. In some of the walls of south Indian temples like Padmanabhapuram and Mattancheri there are several depictions of Patola saris. Gujarat is popular as the biggest exporter of Patola sarees. These sarees are worn by the bride in the wedding of Hindus and Jains.

A wide range of Patola sarees have been found with their vicious designs, colours and patterns. The designs of Patols sarees include ajrak, the embellishments of Islamic architectural and navaratna bhat (9 jewel design). The beautiful sarees are well-known for their traditional style. Moreover, these can also be found in modern patterns.

Additionally, Patola sarees are comprehensively worn in every part of India because of their wide variations. The outfit has gained fame and higher position among the traditional Indian sarees.