Traditional Muga Silk Sarees of East India


Muga silk sarees are mainly produced in Assam. The well-known sarees of Assam are worn extensively because of their exclusive designs and patterns. These are made by including everything that can attract any women. Muga sarees are not only wonderful to look but also comfortable to wear and show your high status. The durable muga silk sarees are loved by ladies a lot. Women of all ages like to wear muga silk sarees on a daily basis. Artisans put all their efforts to design these attires with gorgeous shine and possess. Known for its golden hue, muga saree is exclusive to wear and feel stunning. Find fabric is used to for the production process that depicts the culture and heritage of Assam. Muga silk is produced only in Assam that makes Muga sarees the special of this eastern state of India. Moreover, it makes these sarees costly.

Fine fabric is used to create these sarees of Assam by including their traditional, culture and heritage. The silkworm of Assam is used to design Muga silk sarees. It is made of one of the priciest fabrics in the world. Though this is pricy saree, women love to buy them to wear on special occasions like wedding, festivals and parties. Muga silk can’t be dyed and bleached. Its natural shimmering and golden appearance is really eye-catching.

Muga Silk: 

Muga Silk is a golden colored silk produced only in Assam. It can be found in various Assamese costumes depicting their rich tradition. Made of silkworm, the Muga silk is extensively used to make a number of traditional outfits. These silkworms feed upon the aromatic leaves of Soalu and Som plants. Experienced people are involved in designing these Muga silk. They go through a training to produce this fabric.

History of Muga Silk:

Muga silk sarees have been worn by the women of Assam from ancient time. However, it was not known to the outside world till 1662. Then Mr. Jean Joseph Taverniere, the explorer from France introuduced Muga silk to the rest of the world. Muga saree is the pride of Assam. Its golden color makes it exclusive choice to opt for. The body of these sarees includes some other colors as well including black, green and red providing a dramatic effective against the golden color.

Motifs and Exclusive Designs:

Muga silk has a wide range of motifs and designs. The butis and motifs are intimately woven with the fashionable borders. These include some stunning traditional symbols of cross borders, animals, channels, human figures, birds, flowers, creepers and others. They include ornamental and galaxy design. Wedding Mekhla Chaddars are beautifully embellished with silver and golden threads.