Traditional Gujarati Brocade Sarees of West India


Gujarati brocade sarees are beautifully interwoven with traditional yet modern touch. Rich designs of these sarees are tremendous due to the elegant zari blended with bright and glossy silk colours. These sarees are extensively worn in special occasions like wedding, parties and festivals. The apparel depict rich culture heritage of Gujarat. These sarees have distinguished designs that make them singular with their stunning features.

Stunning floral borders, trellises and zalis are mixed of motifs and fine woven. Silk and zari work on surfaces of these apparels are also eye-catching. Dynamic and colorful patterns are attractive enough to make the wearer look like queen. The wide variety of colours are applied to create appealing and tempting appearance of these outfits. Shades of brown, red, ochre, yellow, green and blue colours are mixed in silver and golden brocades. Ahmedabad and Surat are two main hubs for Gujarati brocade silk saree industry where artisans employ their skills to design beautiful clothing.

Traditional Touch:

Brocades have been used in textile to design beautiful apparels. The history also shows several evidences of brocade uses in Gujarat in places like Ahmedabad, Cambay and Bharuch. The hubs of brocade weaving centers are located in Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Bharuch, Surat and Patan. These sarees can be found in different styles and patterns. The stunning pallus and borders of Ashavali are woven by popular craftsmen. Weavers have all expertise to do such task in a proficient way. They also add palate with beautiful presentation of birds and animals. The way they craft the outfit is amazing due to their unique and extensive style.

Gujarati Brocade Weaving:

Brocade weaving is known for its extensive range. Gujarati brocade silk sarees are rich in cultural heritage. The distinctive style of brocade sarees of Gujarat has raised the value in the country. Classy designs, vibrant colours and other features make it an appropriate choice for wearers. The centers for Brocade weaving are in Surat, Jamnagar, Mehsana and Ahmedabad. The unique craftsmanship also makes it an ideal choice.

Characteristics of Gujarati Brocade Sarees:

Brocade sarees of Gujarat are demanded a lot by people. Artisans also give a special consideration to these sarees because of their rich and refined work. Brocades of these saris have distinguished features, known as buti beautifully woven onto the area in the warp way apart from the weft. Beautiful floral designs are also woven in silks. Brocade sarees of Gujarat are incorporated with stems, flowers and leaves. Its woven patterns were embellished into golden surface. To accomplish this task 'meenakari' work is done.