Traditional Chettinad Sarees of South India


Chettinad saree is generally made of cotton fabric. The saree is known for its vibrant colors and different patterns of strips and checks. This type of sari is also called as Kandaangi. Its weight and liveliness are great factors to be looked at. Chettinad saree is the charm of every woman in South India. This sari can be worn in various occasions to show the beautiful ethnic look. Cotton and silk are the main fabrics used to design this saree.

History of Chettinad Sarees:

Chettinad saree got its name from the place where it was originated i.e. Chettinad village. Chettinad village is located in the southern part of Tamil Nadu which is popular for the production of exclusive sarees.

Styles and Deigns of Chettinad Sarees:

Chettinad sari is produced by adding vibrant colours and checks. The stunning sarees are commonly found in black, brick red and mustard colors. Fabrics used to design these sarees include silk and cotton. Both of these fabrics are used in threads as well to create stunning designs with an advanced approach.

Strips and checks are found in Chettinad sarees with a wide range of colors. Borders of these sarees have vast contrast in attractive color combinations. Saree borders have both vertical and horizontal contrasts with beautiful strips.

Production Process of Chettinad Saree:

Pure cotton is used in the production process of Chettinad sarees. The handloom industry provides enough opportunities and facilities to weavers to crease a wide variety of Chettinad sarees. These sarees have gained popularity due to their exclusive features. Color resistance Chettinad sarees are good enough to keep it in your wardrobe for a royal saree collection.  

Demand of Chettinad Sarees:

Chettinad saree is one of the top selling women’s wear among a wide variety of south Indian sarees. Wonderful designs, textures, colors, attractive borders and other factors make Chettinad saree an ideal choice for buyers. The demand of Chettinad sarees is too much all over India. Even Chettinad sarees are exported outside India. Women love to drape themselves in the beautiful Chettinad sarees.