Traditional Chanderi Sarees of West India


Chanderi sarees are attractively woven women’s traditional attire of West India. The production hub of this saree is in Chanderi (a town of Madhya Pradesh). There other towns as well where Chanderi sarees are produced like Maheshwar and Berhanpur. These sarees are recognized for beautiful designs and patterns and the high quality of stunning gold thread.

Silk warps have been used in Chanderi muslins in place of cotton. The silk is made of unbleached, low denier and still gummed mixture providing a crisp sheen to the cloth. Though the undyed colouring is prevalent, there are several Chanderi muslins found in a wider range of colours. Such sarees include two end pieces. Its inner area contains white silk strips while the outer area is known as tarz. To give a great embellishment these sarees use colorful threads and zari. Chanderi muslins also comprise several buti and end piece. Such designs were came into picture in the late 1990s.

Artisans in India have expertise in creating three types of Chanderi saris. The end piece was beautifully designed and decorated with narrow zari work. The stunning end piece also makes this an ideal saree to buy.

Chanderi sarees are made of pure silk, pure cotton or with a mixture of both. Indian women prefer to wear these Chanderi sarees in special occasions like festivals, wedding and other special occasions.