Traditional Mysore Silk Sarees of South India


Mysore silk sarees are known for their limited designs and vivacious colors and the stunning hand spun silk. These saris are really eye-catching and comfortable to wear. Known for their royal look, Mysore silk sarees are highly demanded in India and many other parts of the world. Because of outfit like Mysore silk saree the fame of Indian traditional clothing has increased in many countries. Many sellers from India export high quantity of Mysore silk sarees along with other types of Indian sarees to various nations.

Women feel pride of this saree and simply feel that they are at the top of the world. It’s a prefect outfit to wear on parties, weddings, festivals and other special occasions and social gatherings. The splendid silk sari was originated in the royal family. As the time passes on the women’s dress started becoming popular among locals of the South Indian. In today’s time most of the women of South India love to wear this outfit. Though Mysore silk sarees are little costly, their wide variety can be found even at lower prices.

Vibrant colors are included in Mysore silk sarees to beautify their appearance. Golden threads are also very common in the border of these saris. Other types of threads are also applied in Mysore silk sarees to adorn them. During the process of threading all-important precautions are taken by designers to come up with something unique to make their exclusive style. Skilled workers perform the weaving task.

How The Production of Mysore Silk Saree Started?

As per the name Mysore silk sarees are produced in Mysore city. Before independence the production of Mysore silk sarees was started in 1912 by the king of Mysore. He imported thirty two looms from Switzerland to initiate this task. That time the Mysore silk sarees were only produced for the royal families.

How to Produce Mysore Silk Saree?

It is not an easy talk to create Mysore silk sarees. Every saree artisan can’t produce a high quality Mysore silk saree. Years of experience and knowledge are necessary for it. First of all it is important to understand about the process of its production. Silver or golden thread is applied to the pallu and border areas depending on the weight of silver or gold. Even its price is dependent on this weight. Generally the saree weights between 400 to 600 grams. Natural and woven pigments of silk are used for dying the saree.

Color and Design of Mysore Silk Sarees:

A wide variety of colors and designs can be used to design the Mysore silk sarees. Innovative patterns and designs have been employed by artisans to come up with something new as per the latest trend. Pure gold zari and pure silk are also used during the production process. The stunning shine of the fabric, high quality zari and other factors make Mysore silk sarees look exclusive. Wearers get the soft feel after wearing these saris. Complex zari work is done on the pallu and borders of these sarees.

High Demand of Mysore Silk Sarees In The International Market:

The ever increasing demand of Mysore silk saree makes it one of the hot choices for foreigners who like to wear Indian costumes. Though there are many types of sarees are available in Indian market, Mysore silk saree distinguishes itself from others from its exclusive designs, patterns and other main features. Quality workmanship is another main thing that buyers look for in Mysore silk saree.