Traditional Kanjeevaram Sarees of South India


The uniqueness of Kanjeevaram saress makes them one of the best choices for bride in not only in South India but other regions of the county as well. Wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life and the bride can make it more exciting by wearing a beautiful Kanjeevaram sari. The exclusive designs, superior fabric, vibrant hues and stunning texture are the main factors of Kanjeevaram saree that make it one of the top outfits for women in India.

Kanjeeveram sari derived its name from a small temple town known as Kanchipuram, just 72 kilometers from Chennai. Because of the tremendous demand of Kanjeeveram saree in most of the parts of the country craftsmen and other people who are involved with this saree’s production gained a great boost in their earnings. They live a good livelihood in this profession.

Hand woven Kanchipuram silk is made from the threads of mulberry silk. Kanchipuram town is very famous for the production of silk fabric that is later used for creating beautiful Kanjeeveram sarees. A wide range of Kanjeeveram sarees can be found easily with a little search. Their unique designs, patterns, high quality fabric and other features make them look simply amazing.

The tradition of Indian textile can be seen in Kanjeeveram silk sarees. The unmatchable craftsmanship, splendor and quality of gold threads make saree designs attractive. This is the reason why these sarees are in demand. These saris are closely linked with ceremonial events. Though these sarees have complex designs with golden threads and beautiful fabrics, they look eye-catching and wearers feel confidence after dressing up such outfit.

Kanjeeveram sarees include bright and colorful shades throughout. Artists do everything and give their all efforts to design beautiful Kanjeeveram sarees. Finishing of these saris is also done very carefully. Golden rust and pink are included in most of the Kanjeeveram sarees. Exclusive shades are applied to the texture of saris. Vibrant colors of Kanjeeveram sarees are another central of attraction that makes it one of the highly worn sarees among women in South India.

Zari embroidery and its diverse patterns is the trademark of Kanchipuram silk. Beautiful zari work is done to design these sarees. Rich golden colors and animal motifs are used in the zari work. Pallu of Kanchipuram sarees has various designs of animals and birds like swans, deer, bulls, peacocks, elephants, galloping horses, parrots, etc.

The designs of Kanjeeveram sarees are popular due of their quality materials and stunning patterns. The ethnic and traditional look of these sarees has made them one of the most sought after saris in India. Meena work is also used along with zari work to beautify Kanjeeveram sarees. Bridal Kanjeeveram saree adds more charm to the beauty of bride on her special day of life.