Dress Code for Women Travellers In India

In conservative nation like India women travellers need to be extra conscious about their outfits. India is after all a South Asian country where you can find people having conservative mindset. Though all people are not modest, many of them are trying to stay updated with the latest fashions and trends for attractive wears. It will take a few more decades to make everyone in India become moderate.

Being an extra conscious can only help you as a woman and make your trip to India trouble free. There are a lot of Indian dresses for women that you can wear and travel freely wherever you want. Let’s check out some women’s clothing that you can wear in your next trip to India:

Salwar Suit:

Comfortable to wear salwar suit is a perfect outfit for women to move around as per your ease. Available in a wide range salwar suit is one of the best Indian costumes that you must try. Never forget to wear dupatta below your neck area to cover your body as much as you can. Men in India have eyes on beautiful women and it’s hard to hide yourself from their blistering eyes.


Another Indian wear for women is saree. However, it is not so easy to wear saree and in the beginning you will face trouble to tuck it inside the petticoat. You can take any woman’s help to wear this dress. Saree can be found in various ranges, colours, patterns and designs.

Ghagra Choli:

Ghagra is a kind of long skirt worn with a shirt or choli. The traditional outfit for women in India is very popular in Western India states like Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Festive Dresses:

If you are planning to visit India during the festive season, you can pick some festival clothing and also take participate in the festive events. As India is a huge country with several regions and cultures, its festive outfits also differ as per the particular region and festival. Be very careful in the dress selection part.

Safety Tips:

If you are a solo woman traveller, you have to be extra cautious about your clothing. Make sure to completely cover your body so that men don’t get any option to see your body part.