Beautiful Fancy Indian Sarees


When it comes to fancy saree, only one think comes to mind that it has everything from ethnic touch to modern style. Indian fashion designers are very creative and they come up with a huge collection of fancy sarees with appealing charisma to attract many female buyers.

Fancy sarees are well known with specific status in the category of a wide range of sarees in India. Most of the sarees can be designed in a fancy way. And talented artists have all skills to transform even a normal saree into a fancy saree. Traditional features are also included in fancy sarees to make them contemporary without leaving any traditional values. For example, in Coimbatore sarees designs and methods of kosara pudava muslins are used to design them. These are traditional Indian techniques to design sarees. When such techniques are employed to design fancy dresses, they give a unique look and feel. After wearing such saree every woman will feel proud of this outfit.

How Fancy Sarees Are Created?

Different processes are available to design fancy sarees. Made from various fabrics the fancy saris are also known for the popular zardousi work done in fabrics like georgette and chiffon. Unlike silk most designers prefer georgette and chiffon to create fancy sarees. Cotton yarn is completely dyed prior the weaving process. Thereafter, the cotton yard is substituted by silks while keeping in the mind the main pattern of fancy sarees. To make the sarees look modern and vibrant, narrow bands are included in the borders. These days the usage of power looms has become extensive to design sarees instead of old handloom method. This is the reason why fancy sarees are women in weft instead of wrap.

Regional Fancy Sarees:

Types of sarees also vary as per the geographical locations in India. Karnataka state of Sothern India is famous for creating fancy sarees. Its markets are also distinguished in regional wise sarees. For instance, silk Jamdanis are created for Bengal and silk Bandhanis are designed for the Western India.

Wedding Fancy Sarees:

In Indian weddings one can find the bride wearing a fancy saree. Designed from fine fabrics and modern patterns, such wedding fancy sarees are very demanding in the wedding season. Flower buds or triangular mokku design is also used for wedding sarees and the bride loves it. Boutiques also design a wide range of attractive fancy sarees for the wedding day.

Embroidery work is also done in fancy sarees to beautify their appearance. The designer yet attractive apparel for women is widely worn throughout India. Areas like Salem and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu showcase beautiful fancy sarees in various colours. Most commonly colored combination of fancy sarees is gold and white with attractive borders.