Traditional Chiffon Indian Sarees


Chiffon is an exciting fabric for sarees. These days the use of chiffon in creating sarees is very common. Many fashion designers and individual tailors make use of chiffon to design stunning Indian sarees. Chiffon is very light similar to others fabrics such as nylon and silk. Even it is transparent as well and it is a perfect material for fancy sarees. It provides an excellent look to sarees. Chiffon sarees are regularly worn by women in India. 

It is possible to make chiffon from polyester, nylon or silk. The light-weighted fabric is suitable for both heavier and light embroidery. Chiffon sarees are extensively worn in wedding, parties and festivals. This makes these women’s outfit very popular among young and old wearers. Available in vibrant colors, chiffon sarees have good contrast to gain anyone’s attention. 

Kinds of Work Used In Chiffon Sarees:

Chiffon saree is even smoother than georgette. From an open eye it is very difficult to differentiate among chiffon, georgette and crepe. Good knowledge about fabrics is essential to make a right selection. Highly embellished chiffon sarees can also be found in silver and golden colors in the form of Swarovski crystals for enhancing the beauty of the fabric. Bandhani printing is most commonly used for chiffon sarees which shows the traditional Indian designs. Embroidery, zardousi and hand-blocking works are also used to design these sarees. 

How to Create Chiffon Sarees?

Designing of chiffon saree is not a cup of tea of every saree designer. It requires specific skills and knowledge. Chiffon sarees are made of fine yarn which is tightly twisted to give an exclusive look. While sewing the chiffon in the sarees, most of the craftsmen include tissue paper pieces inside it. Tissue paper is useful in keeping the fabric become stiff. Once the sewing is done it is possible to remove the tissue paper. 

Flimsy appearance of the chiffon sarees made them singular and highly demanding among women. Contemporary designs are also used by the artisans to create chiffon sarees. Chiffon is also used in lingerie, blouses, scarves and ribbons. Similar to other fabrics chiffon can also be difficult to use for the creation of apparels because of its slippery and light texture. But once the process of designing is completed, the outfit looks amazing.