Traditional Costumes of Telangana for Men and Women


Telangana is the newest state of India which was earlier a part of Andhra Pradesh. In 2014 Telangana came into existence becoming twenty-ninth state of India. The tradition of people living in Telangana reflects from their clothing as well.

Cotton is also used to produce various clothing products such as table mats, summer wear, shirts, saree, napkins, bed sheets, etc. Cotton fabric is popular in India because it is soft and maintains the complete yarn’s hairiness. Indian states have their specific conventional weaving traditions. 

Men in Telangana commonly like to wear Dhoti and Kurta, whereas women prefer saree. Women from all communities can be seen wearing different patterns of sarees. Even Muslim and Christian women wear saris. Although the traditional outfit of Muslim women in Telangana is salwar kameez, they give a try to other dresses too. Hindu and Christian men can be seen in Dhoti and Kurta. Men in Muslim community wear pajamas instead of dhoti with a small fez cap over their head.

Telangana is known for its diversity in culture. The beauty of South India, Telangana has so many things to explore. And if you are planning to visit this magical land, you can check out its beautiful traditional outfits and buy some of them from its local markets. Men and women in Telangana prefer specific type of clothing as per the change of weather. Geographical conditions vary throughout the year. As the seasons change, people also change their outfits in this part of the world.

Costumes for Women in Telangana:

Beautifully designed handloom made sarees have rich ethnicity and texture. Telangana is well known for the production of silk sarees. Adorned with ornate for weddings, parties and festivals, silk sarees are really very attractive. Decorated and brocaded with beautiful gold plating. Saree is one of the main dresses for women in Telangana.

Whether you go into villages or cities, many women can be found wearing sarees. However, due to westernization young girls like to wear modern dresses like skirts, jeans, tops, leggings, etc. Overall Telangana holds its tradition simultaneously advancing and adopting the current fashion trend.