Types of Cotton Fabrics in India


Cotton fabric is very popular in Indian weaving. Weaving from cotton in India is more than 5000 years old. Cotton is woven throughout India. The traditional cotton weaving rotates across Khadi (cotton cloth), which is hand woven with the help of hand spun yarn. Twenty three types of cotton are obtained in India. 

Cotton is also used to produce various clothing products such as table mats, summer wear, shirts, saree, napkins, bed sheets, etc. Cotton fabric is popular in India because it is soft and maintains the complete yarn’s hairiness. Indian states have their specific conventional weaving traditions. 

Beautifully designed saris are made from different types of cottons. The well-designed range of sarees from Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Gujarat are admired for their variety of intricate designs. 

Paithani Saris 

Beautiful Paithani saris are used exclusively in a number of occasions. Such saris commonly belong to Andhra Pradesh. Paithani saris got popularity during the Maratha Empire. 

Maheswari Saris 

On the banks of Narmada River, fine cotton Maheshwar sarees are made with small checks, comprising complimentary colours. Soft colours are employed for the dyeing process. 

Sambalpuri Saris 

Wonderful Sambalpuri saris are available in a wide range of colours and conventional motifs stirred by the nature. 

Venkatagiri Saris

Cotton sarees of Andhra Pradesh are available in various varieties. They look simply amazing and beautify the wearer’s personality. The popular cotton includes venkatagiri, gadiwal, nainder and wainarpati. 

Jamdani Saris 

Jamdani Sari is made of cotton and belongs to West Bengal. They follow contemporary patterns and styles. 

Gharchola Saris 

Gharchola sarees were commonly originated in Gujarat. Such saris are commonly worn in the marriage ceremony.