Traditional Indian Clothing for Children


Traditional costumes of kids in India are available in a wide variety. They can be casual to traditional. Such choices range from shirts, t-shirts, slacks, loose pajamas, quarter pants and trousers for boys and lehenga choli, suit salwar, skirts and other dresses for girls. Choices, preferences and styles vary regionally, culturally and on the basis of religions. In rural areas, children prefer wearing traditional outfits like Zablas, loose lehengas and dhoti pyjamas. Children living in urban areas also wear traditional costumes in celebrations, festivals and special occasions.

Clothing for Girls 

Traditional costume worn by Indian girls is commonly churidar kurta or salwar kameez dupatta. These days, kids and teenagers also like to wear a wide range of western costumes like frocks, skirts, t-shirts, tops and jeans. Clothing worn by girls also vary on the basis of diverse regions that they belong to. For example, girls of Gujarat and Rajasthan wear ghagra choli or lehenga choli.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is a beautiful traditional costume for females in India, central and southern Asia. Salwar is a loose pajama or trouser. Its bottom is narrow and top is wide. Legs are assembled or pleated into the waistband. On the other hand, kameez is a long tunic or shirt. A drawstring is used to hold the salwar tightly. Kameez is commonly flat and cut straight. Along with salwar kameez, a shawl or scarf known as dupatta is worn around the neck.

Chaniya Choli

Chaniya Choli is an attractive traditional costume for girls and women. It is worn daily in many rural parts of India. However, nowadays Chaniya Choli is commonly worn in festivals like Dandiya Ras. Both lightweight and heavyweight Chaniya Choli can be found in the market. Chaniya choli comprises many traditional designs such as handwork, abla artwork and various embroidery designs. Draping cloth or chooni has heavy embroidery work of abla and kodi. It looks stylish and elegant and designed in traditional styles.

Choli Sharara

Choli Sharara is also worn mainly on special occasions like marriage ceremonies. Sharara is worn mostly by teenage girls. Girls give company to the bride wearing Choli Sharara. A wide range of fabrics are used to make Sharara such as satin sharara and georgette sharara. Some famous sharara designs include Mirror Work Choli Sharara, Zardosi Sharara cholis, Crush Tissue Choli Sharara, Resham Work Choli Sharara and Bright Yellow choli Sharara.

Clothing for Boys 

Boys living in India wear a wide range of attires on the basis of their age, occasion, region, etc. While small boys wear t-shirts, pyjamas, shorts, teenager boys wear t-shirts, jeans, shirts, trousers, etc. On festivals boys wear traditional costumes such as kurta pajama and sherwani churidar.


Sherwani is like a coat with front garment buttoned. Beautiful embroidered sherwani can also be found in a wide range. The dress is commonly worn during wedding ceremonies and other parties. Sherwani is well-fitted to the body.

Kurta Pajama

Kurta Pajama is worn on special social events such as marriages, festivals or during worshiping. These days, kurta is worn with jeans. Kurta appears a long knee length skirt.

Regional Costumes

In India regional costumers are very popular. Boys in south Indian states like Kerala wear dhoti (a type of long skirt). Whereas other southern parts of India prefer lungis.

Clothing for Toddlers

A wide range of costumes are available for infant in India. Traditionally, mothers make homemade costume for their toddlers. A drape of cloth is worn under thighs covering internal parts of the infant to prevent any dirt of pee or poo.