Silk Weaving in South India


In southern part of India, there are many silk weaving factories where unique silk cloths are designed. South Indian mulberry silk sari is very popular throughout India. The complete production of mulberry silk is woven in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

South Indian mulberry silk saris 
The silk made in south India is hardly 2/3 of the complete demand. The famous forms still remain in the native races of Mysore. Kanchipuram weaving of silk sari is one hundred and fifty years old. Crystal or embroidery designs are made in versions like silk-polyester, cotton or silk.

Beautiful woven pallu have various designs like creeping lotuses, towers, elephants, palanquins and birds. Export of South Indian saris is increasing year after year. Such eye-catching sarees not only sold extensively in India but other parts of the world as well.