Indian Clothing Accessories


A wide range of Indian clothing accessories can be found for men and women. Clothing accessories spotlight an apparel or dress. Different accessories such as bangles, brooches and bindi enrich the charisma of women and change their look. They signify women’s personality, fashion taste and attitude. Clothing accessories embellish their personality and beauty. It is essential for women to appear beautiful and carry them properly. Therefore, high-quality accessories are used to design traditional Indian costumes. Such accessories can be found in traditional look as well as in western wear. Accessories such as bangles, bindi, perfumes, watches and brooches enrich women’s personality.

While women adorn themselves with beautiful accessories, why men leave behind? Men’s accessories also consist of numerous items that range from footwear to jewelleries. Elegance and style of such accessories improve the personality altogether. They provide completely a new appearance.

Clothing Accessories for Women: 


Shawls are good to beautify the women’s personality. They are weaved in fine warm fibres. Stylish wraps in aesthetic designs and vibrant colours making them highly impressive to wear.  Extraordinary shawls are available to wear in marriage ceremonies and special occasions. Shawls are an important part of Indian women’s costume, mostly in Northern India. Apart from fulfilling the basic need to provide warmth, shawls represent status symbol. Women living in urban areas and towns flaunt various types and designs of shawls in parties and other social gatherings.

Shawls can be found in a wide range of styles, designs, fabrics and colours depending on diverse seasons.

Types of Popular Shawls Include:

  • Alpaca shawls
  • Designer beaded shawls
  • Paisley shawls
  • Sophisticated Jamewar shawls
  • Delicate Pashmina shawls
  • Evening wraps of silk
  • Crocheted or embroidered 
  • Wedding shawls
  • Pure Cashmere shawls

These shawls are available in a wide range of colours, types of stoles and various designs as well.

Pashmina shawls are very popular and an ideal gift for bridesmaid and bride. These shawls are beautifully embedded with Swarovski. Pashmina is also very a good gift for corporate and businesses because of its unmatchable style and pattern. Shawls are lavishly decorated with lithe colours. Fine textures of embroidery are also exclusive. Some other choices include silk, knit crochet poncho, woollen, etc. Many crocheted shawls are sold in the market in a large number because of their exclusive colours and designs. Their handiwork is simply exclusive.


Bindi is known a mark, commonly a red dot worn on the forehead by Hindus. Traditionally married women apply a red mark on their forehead symbolizing their marital status. However, these days it has become a fashion trend. Nowadays even unmarried girls wear different colours of bindis over their forehead. Bindi has turned into a fashionable product. It comes in a wide variety of designs, colours and shapes. Intricate shapes and designs are kundan, beadwork, studded stones, handprints, pearls, diamonds and meenakari work. Apart from conventional bindis, there are excellent varieties that range from fashion to fancy bindi. Trendy bindis are available in a wide range of various artistic and creative bindis.

Famous body art bindis include crystal nail bindi, crystal bindi, crystal eyelash bindi, belly tattoo bindi, chin bindi, glitter tattoo bindi, hair bindi, wrist/arm band bindi, crystal finger bindi, Tikka bindi, pendent bindi and crystal belly bindi. TV actresses also wear trendy bindis. Styles of bindis include Saans bindi, Ramola bindi and Parvati bindi. Personality kinds of bindis are also available. For beautiful and bold women, bindis of different shapes available such as heart, snakes in glittery, half moon, tree, and vibrant colours. Specially beautifies forehead with bindis in diamond, square and oval shape.

Hair Accessories: 

To get a beautiful look, women can consider a wide range of hair accessories. Girls give a lot of importance to their hairstyle and this is acceptable as well because girl is a synonymous of beauty. Hair accessories have a strong spot.  A wide range of hair accessories are available including ponytail holders, barrettes, hair claws, fashionable hair clips, headbands, hairpins, scrunches, forks, bridal hair accessory and hair sticks. Intricate patterns and designs of crystals, studded pearls, beads, gemstones and flowers are employed in the bridal hair accessory. Famous barrette styles include crystal flower barrette, ruby bow, jet bow, classic topaz barrette, arched pony clip, amethyst bow and sapphire bow.

Hair buns are good for festivals and parties. They are simply amazing in improving the personality of women. It is worn extensively with ethnic attire sari. Butterfly bun is very popular style. Hair sticks are designed of exotic wood and natural bone with beautiful types of attires. Hairdo or ponytail is the latest fashion. Young women prefer ponytail.


Special types of footwear are available for traditional Indian costumes. For instance, with salwar kameez girls can wear Rajasthani Jutis or Kohlapuri Chappals. Royal footwear is also worn exclusively with Indian clothing. Handcrafted mojaris in rich designs and colours are simply beautiful.

Clothing Accessories for Men: 

Jewelleries for Men:

Similar to Indian women, Indian men are also very reluctant to wear fashionable jewelleries. They flaunt jewelleries extensively. The range of men’s jewelleries includes chains, rings, bracelets and earrings. You can choose custom fashion jewelleries. A wide range of materials are available from silver, gold to stylish diamonds and pearls. Antique and embellished designs in men’s jewelleries are stunning enough to attract viewers.


Different types of bracelets can be found to choose from in diverse materials such as pearl, silver, gold, titanium, platinum, diamond and swaroski crystal. Diamonds lure many Indian. Sober and elegant, beautiful bracelets are worn with traditional outfits. Men’s handcuff bracelets are stylish and trendy.


Designer men’s rings are very attractive. Rings are religiously very sacred. In Hinduism, pundits ask people to wear different types of rings. Before the marriage ceremony a ring ceremony takes place which has a lot of importance to make the relationship stronger. Fashionable men’s rings are also very popular.


Fashion accessories for men also comprise earrings. It is attractive jewellery. Young boys and men wear earrings. Trendy earrings are also in fashion these days. Due to the wide range of earrings, the fashion of wearing them has become so popular.


Traditional Indian men’s clothing like kurta pyajama is worn with Kohlapuri Chappal or stylish Punjabi Jutti. Such Indian footwear is very demanding and worn commonly with traditional wears.