Fashion Trends for Indian Women


Women’s fashion trends in India have different tastes. Every woman wants to look different from other and for this they follow diverse fashion trends. India is a land of diversity. In its every corner, you can find different cultures, religions and traditions. This is the reason why Indian fashion trends have a wide variety.  Clothing trends also are unique and plentiful.

Apparels also have superb choices from ethnic wearing to Indo-Western trendy styles. Women are also crazy for fashion trends similar to women in other parts of the world. Various designs are employed for different occasions. India is also a hub of a number of social and religious events, special occasions and festivals. Women prepare themselves for such events with trendy fashions.

Gone are the days when traditional dresses like sari were only big-names. Now fashion trends for women are very popular. These days, fashion has taken new heights in India. Women like to show off their dresses, jewelleries, hair styles, ornaments and other fashionable stuff. Fabric include silk, leather, chiffon, georgette, velvet, etc. Cotton is demanded a lot because of its friendly skin, easy and comfortable to carry, quality maintenance and other features. Silk has a great charm and easily available in a wide range. It is also very easy to maintain silk made costumes. Velvet attires are also very popular because of their mushy touch.

Indo-Western Costumes

Indo-Western wears are mostly preferred by girls and women living in urban India. Rural Indian women mostly prefer wearing traditional costumes because of their cultural and social background. Indo-Western style is known for its uniqueness and vibrant designs and colours. Fusion is the most common word used with Indo-Western fashion culture. This style does not mean wearing jeans over kurta or make a few changes in traditional Indian costumes. There are other aspects of Indo-Western style as well. The fashion is formed by fusing Indian and western sensitivities. Fusion wear is a merger of 2 or more cultures, sensibilities or fashion trends. For instance: Boho-Chic, Japanese Goth and Indo French. Such fusion costumes are not limited to India but other countries are also involved in it. Fashion is popular throughout the world and women love improving them by staying updated with latest fashion.

First of all, fusion wears consist of the comfort of the tradition of India and make them suitable for every woman. There is no strict rule to design Indo-Western outfits so they provide enough space to come up with plenty of options. Fusion costumes are modern, stylish, elegant, neatly tailored and well-groomed. They do not have any dull or lost background. Unlike ethnic wear or dull outfits, fusion clothing is good to show your charisma. Experiments are possible with fusion dresses and other stylish things.

Most popular costumes of Indo-Western Style are jeggings or leggings, jeans or kurtas, western outfits such as trousers and suits made of fabrics of India such as cotton and silk. Nehru jacket popular for its Nehru collar was initially designed in 1940 is one of the popular Indian men’s attires worn throughout the world. Many international brands have decorated tunics, decorated necklines on shirts and dresses and embroidered handbags from India in various collections.

Traditional Indian Wear

The range of ethnic wardrobe comprises 6 yard long elegant sari, Lehanga Choli and Salwar Kameez for special events and festivals. Women love to wear clothing in ethnic styles to beautify their appearance. Ethnic wears maintain the spirit of Indian culture. Sari is the most popular traditional wear for women in India. A wide range of saris can be found with distinctive styles and patterns. Complex embroideries include Zari, Zardosi, Chikan, Kantha and Phulkari work adorned with beads. Girls also prefer saris like beadwork, Sheeshakari, Kundan and Meenakari. Such types of beautiful embroideries attract people and make fabrics look stunning. Daily wears include Batik and Bandhani. These are ideal for day-to-day works providing utmost comfort level. For festival and special events most popular saris are Banarsi and Banarsi sarees. They are costly but look glamorous and unique. Plenty of jewelleries are also worn by Indian women.