Fashion Shows in India


Indian fashion shows reveal the spirit of fashion among the locals living in the country. It also depicts that how much people are passionate for fashion and latest trends. On the ramp beautiful models catwalk wearing traditional dresses in modern styles that impact the thinking of individuals. Apart from selling costumes in a high amount, fashion designers also want to promote traditional Indian clothing throughout the world.

Fashion shows are replica of urban lifestyle in India. Such shows also relate to the rural cultures, traditions, beliefs, religions and their standard of living. India has gained a lot of fame and prosperity in fashion sector but the country is still faces many challenges in its industrial and infrastructural grounds.

There are a lot of things that need to be done to make improvement in fashion industry. India is known as a wealthy textile heritage. In earlier times of fashion shows mostly designers were concerned about wedding dresses and dressmaking outlines. But these days the scenario is totally different and becomes widespread. Now many people including photographers, make-up artists, designers, stylists, textile designers, hairstylists, models and others are interested in fashion industry. They widely research and come up with innovate things to attract others.

They offer and demonstrate their work on ramps. Hence they target specific set of customers and become popular among them. Indian fashion comes up with new concepts to lure people. However, it not only about attracting others but also to give them better accessories, clothing, make-up styles and other fashionable things they are looking for.

Popular Fashion Shows in India Include:
  • Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week
  • Indian Bridal Fashion Week
  • Lakme Fashion Week
  • North India Fashion Week
  • India Fashion Week
  • Bangalore Fashion Week
  • Indore Fashion Week
Fashion is a language of iconography, symbols and signs that communicate without any words. Fashion consists of new hairstyles, pierced navel, attractive tattoos, dazzling iconography and a lot more. Indian fashion changes continuously like the fashion of other countries. But Indian fashion is unique and has a traditional touch that attracts people from all across the globe.

After independence, fashion industry in India has been witnessing a lot of changes. Globalization in fashion is one of the main aspects of Indian fashion industry. Today, Indo-Western costumes are very popular in national and international markets. The combination of western and Indian costumes makes Indo-Western dresses popular.