Fashion Design in India


Fashion design in India has got style and fame. The fashion industry has also earned popularity worldwide. Indian fashionable products are sold throughout the world with their huge demand. Ethnic craftsmanship and beautiful designs are highly praised. Many fashion designers launch a good collection of dresses for both men and women. Seasonal costumes are also very popular in Indian fashion design industry. 

Indian fashion designers use rich designs and styles to present the creative craftsmanship. Fashion is admired in cosmetics, clothes, garments, dresses, textiles, etc. Fashion designers are good in working with fabrics and colours. They also come up with special designs to blow the mind of consumers. They have specialization in sportswear, leisurewear, knitwear, women`s wear, men’s wear and children`s wear. All types of fashionable accessories are also made by Indian designers. 

Fashion design has no restrictions, which is commonly known as street wear and trendy wear. It is not limited to western culture but also includes traditional designs. Generally all attires are made by keeping in mind the latest trend in fashion. Change in fashion is obvious. There are many sources that impact fashion design. For instance, whatever celebrities wear come into tread very easily. Their fan followers want to look like their stars. So followers easily adopt their styles. 

People have wrong perception about fashion design and they relate it to only brands, labels and high society. But it’s completely a misunderstanding. Even in lower class or middle class, you can find people following trendy outfits available within their budget. Lower priced fashion products are also available in the market to choose from. Cinema is one of the main sources of spreading information about fashion in society. 

History of Fashion Design in India 

Fashion is very old in India. In ancient times as well people of India used to adorn beautiful accessories, attires, jewelleries and other items. Western countries have played a big part in India for developing modern fashion. Their trends have influenced Indians a lot. Fashion trends are reflected by the lifestyle of people, climate, physique and other aspects. 

Fashion Trends in India 

Fashion trends in India are influenced by various styles. Many countries made strong influences from all over the globe. It does not mean all costly products are luxury ones. Affordable items are also fashionable and useful to show your style. Exclusive outfits are fashion trendy and beautiful enough to attract others. With quality print, people look fashionable and attractive.