Development of Indian Fashion Industry


Change in fashion is common. From time to time new fashionable accessories and trends come in the glamour world and attract people. Change is also common in Indian fashion industry that helps in its growth and provides better opportunities to fashion designers and consumers.

India is not very open minded country like western countries. Indian people have conservative approach toward their lifestyle. This is the reason why India took a long time to accept western fashion trends. But these days educated Indians have adopted western fashion and the mixture of Indo-West fashion is prevalent in the market. India is a cluster of diverse cultures and customs. People also follow several traditions. Their mindset about fashion has also become similar to their culture and social background. Indians were fashionable in ancient era as well and its traces are found in Mohenjodaro and Harappa civilizations. After Indian independence, the country came into a new area where fashion industry also became a global market. And now India exports a big quality of fashionable products to other countries.

In today’s time, wearing patterns of salwar kameez and saris have changed. The appearance is more universal than religion specific. There are many types of blouses such as puffed sleeve blouses, katori style, back button blouses, halter-neck, high neck blouses, etc. They are popular among women. However, the size of blouses has reduced. Now women want to show more and look attractive. Saris are usually draped in traditional Gujarati style or Pallo style. Bollywood, the Indian film industry is one of the main sources of inspiration for the latest fashion.

Salwar kameez can have various patterns and styles. Depending on your needs, you can also get the specific garment that suits you best. Many fashion designers are ready to design exclusive outfits that meet your specific requirements. For example, salwar kameez can be short, long, skin tight, A-line, etc. Many changes can be done with salwar kameez and its dupatta. Contemporary kameez is also transformed into kurti which can be worn with churidar, pants or jeans. They have taken the shape of Indo-Western attires.

Malls in Indian Fashion

Many big towns and cities have malls in India that have hugely affected the fashion culture of India. Now people do not need to visit various places to find their required things. And in malls many companies also able to promote and advertise their products under one roof. There are many brands that can be found in malls pretty easily. The first and foremost retail outlet of India was Shopper’s Stop where many brands were launched in 1993. Thereafter other retail outlets and malls have been developing in several parts of the country. Malls provide an array of branded items at one place. You do not need to go out and visit many retail shops and waste your time. Simply go to a mall and get everything to meet your needs. Some popular Indian malls are Globus, Pantaloons, Lifestyle, The Great India Place, Westside, Ambience Mall, etc.

Such retail outlets have come up with private labelled clothing. Most of the attires are manufactured and sold by similar companies in retail outlets. For instance, Pantaloons comprises several private labels under its name such as Mela, Fashion Station, etc. Such private labels represent their own products but Pantaloons’ name helps them attract customers and improve their sells. Some private labels have their specific stores. Customers get great purchasing experiences in retail outlets.

There are many family stores as well that have got a lot of fame in the market. Such shops provide products for all classes of society. The ever-growing market of family stores made them popular within a short span of time. These stores provide quality garments for all ages. A wide range of apparels are available in family stores. Family stores are known for exclusive discount and high-quality products. Some of the family stores in India are V-mart, Roopam, Vishal Mega Mart, Big Bazaar, Maxx, Fashion station, etc.

Trend of Boutiques

Boutiques have been increasing over the years in India. It has also impacted the garment industry of India and provided a good way to get the specific garment as per the demand of wearers. Trendy and unique products are designed in a boutique. Innovation is one of the best advantages of boutiques that make them highly demanding. Boutiques also offer a wide range of stuffs like tuxedos, lingerie, sportswear, evening or night wears, t-shirts and a lot more.

Boutiques are stores where special items can be designed on orders. Experienced and trained designers are involved in producing exclusive items. Well-known Indian designers generally merchandise creative outfits. Anyone can approach boutiques and give their specifications. There is enough scope of experiment in fashion industry. So, designers also develop unique and trendy accessories.

As the earning of people is increasing in India, they are showing more interest towards designer clothing. Boutique is a hub of producing designer wears. So such shops are getting immense popularity among young Indians. Online boutiques are also available to order relevant cloths, jewelleries and other accessories. Boutiques can be found in metropolitan cities and towns throughout India. The craze of designer clothing is increasing among youngsters and their generation want to participate more in the fashion industry. There are many fashion designing colleges and institutes in India, where exclusive fashion related courses are taught. Students are also showing their interest in such courses.

Boutiques or fashion stores flaunt items which are not available easily in retail shops and malls. Such stores can customize garments accordingly. Affordable boutiques items are also good for normal households.

Fashion Shows 

Indians costumes can also be seen on the ramp. Talented models wearing traditional Indian clothing can be seen. They modestly flaunt fashionable accessories and look impressive. In catwalk models represent various collections by fashion designers. Fashion events in India offer a lot of opportunities to develop modern designed with traditional touch.

Importance of Brands

Branded products are need of the society because they have become brand name after providing commendable services. Branded garments are also demanded a lot in India. People prefer branded apparels to look stunning and show their higher social status. Liberty was the first shirt brand in India that came in the market in 1950. Thereafter many other brands have been arriving to lure the customers toward their garments. Now the market for branded apparels has become huge.

There are many international brands that have completely laid down their foundation in Indian market. Some of these brands include Arrow, Allen Solly, Raymonds, Van Heusen, Charagh Din and Louis Philipe. They are some of the leading international brands.

Denim market experienced boost in Indian market. Many popular denim companies established in the country such as Pepe Jeans, Lee, Seven Jeans and Levi`s. However, there are some Indian denim manufactures as well giving rivalry to foreign brands like Numero Uno, Flying Machine, Killer and Wrangler. Branded costumes covered both men and women’s markets. They are influencing kids wear. Indian clothing has also gained fame globally.

Beauty Pageant in India

Beauty pageants have become very popular in India, mainly contests like Miss India. Such contests have hugely impacted the scenario of Indian fashion. They are sponsored by prominent companies that relate to media, textile, fashion and apparel. Miss India was started in 1964.

Indian fashion industry has been doing tremendous work in international area. Now Indian fashion market is world’s one of the top sellers. India also exports a huge amount of fashion items to various countries.