Bangalore Fashion Week


Bangalore Fashion Week (BFW) is held in every 6 months in Bangalore. The fashion event was started in 2009. The industrial city in South India – Bangalore is popular for its styles, designs and trends. This is the reason why it flaunts fashion accessories in BFW very elegantly. Ingenuity of various designs are shown in the week-long fashion event

Indian fashion events are divided into three sections – north, south and central. Lakme Fashion Week is held in central India (Mumbai), Wills India Fashion Week is held in North India (Delhi) and Bangalore Fashion Week is organized in South India (Bangalore). Bangalore Fashion Week is very popular fashion event where many designers participate and promote businesses.

Formation of Bangalore Fashion Week

Bangalore Fashion Week was started in 2009 on the festive concept for fashion designers. The festive offers raised platform for Indian fashion designers to launch their fashionable accessories and sell them in a high-demand both in India and overseas.

Fresh, innovative and latest festive wears meet the demand of consumers. This happens mainly when many festivals are celebrated in India.