Traditional Rajasthani Costumes for Women


Traditional costumes for women in Rajasthan are similar to its cultures and regions. Beautiful colored outfits are very eye-catching. Clothing is worn as per the seasons, status, emotions and moods. Every splendor and color of Rajasthan is reflected in liveliness of their ornament and dress.

The women’s costumes in Rajasthan have been featuring a special way of dressing for centuries. The usually worn clothing by women has been a mixture of upper garment including kurti, kanchli or puthia. The lower clothing includes skirt or ghaghra and odhni or veil which is draped for flowing around the lower and upper body parts. There are many additions and variations to this in different communities as per the social status of individuals. These 3 items of outfit consist of the main costume which is commonly worn by Rajasthani women. Rich fabrics, heavy ornamentation and bright colors are related to marriage, status of women in society and fertility. Windows’ outfits are similar in look but lack decoration, dull in color and emphasize abstinence. Plenty of variations in embellishment, style, color and cut are visible in Rajasthani communities.

Social status also depicts from the clothing of women in Rajasthan. For example, Rajput women with the prime social status follow the parda system. It’s custom of Rajputs in Rajasthan where women are not allowed to show their face to strangers. Their dresses are richly decorated. Ghaghras are quite short showing leg ornaments. However these days parda is not much prevalent and women’s face can be seen publically. Rajput ghaghra trails the ground that appears more attractive. Many females work in the farmlands wear ghaghras. They ensure that the long skirt (ghaghra) remains above the ankle so that they do not face any problem while working on fields. Women also put on ankle and leg bracelets not only for beautification but also to protect their feet from bits and brambles.

Some areas of Rajasthan have a single colored odhni for under aged girls, who have not yet attained puberty. Married women tie bandhni circle at the corner of odhni and mothers tie a single big circle in the middle in red color. Windows have faint circle in the middle of their odhni. Ornament and color are essential of Rajasthani tradition.

Traditional dresses and clothing of Rajasthani women have been incredible since long time with many changes over time and again. Though westernization has played a major role in costumes of people living in Rajasthan, they still love to wear their traditional costumes. In festivals and special events most of the Rajasthanis adorn with their native outfits.