Traditional Juti of Rajasthan


Beautiful footwear can be found in Rajasthan in various designs, styles and prices. In this part of India footwear is known as the juti, pagarkhi or mojari. All of them are leather shoes worn. They are worn by both men and women in most of the Rajasthani communities. Colorful juti attracts people toward it. A wide range of colorful footwear is the specialty of Rajasthan.

Footwear is triangular and tight fitting at the front end and a few of them are rounded as well. Mochi community people have practiced the traditional craft making. They have expertise in juti making for centuries and they still follow. Other communities such as Bhambhi and Regar, make the leather that is used to create juti.

Decorative footwear looks beautifully with heavy embroidery. At times, small pom-poms are added to the juti. One of the common styles of ornamentation is ari-embroidery. The tool is employed in this tasks is known as an ari. For stitching, bright colored threads of zari, silk and wool are used. They make vibrant and colorful footwear. Good quality of leather is used for this process. Ornamentation, raw material and footwear style may differ as per the work. Those who are busy in outdoor work like agriculture use tough leather made jutis with modest decoration. Women and those who stay indoors wear less decorated and light colored jutis.

Party going people wear vibrant and colorful jutis. Instead of rapid changes in culture and influence western culture, the role of juti is still exists in Rajasthan. Juti dominates as one of the most famous footwear in this region and comes under traditional attire.