Theva, Rajasthani Jewelry for Women


Theva is known as the finest, sophisticated and delicate jewelry that make beautiful crafts in Rajasthan. Pratapgarh is a princely area of Rajasthan which is recognized as the birthplace of theva. Theva was introduced in mid of 18th century, during the period of Maharawat Samant Singh. Craftsmen of theva are called as Raj Sonis.

Professional craftsmen use different techniques to design and decorate theva. Thewa is a stunning art of jewelry that is made by involving adornment of worked-out golf on the molten glass. Its origin was done during the Mughal era.

A beautiful filigree design is made by combining a thin gold foil sheet of pure 24-carat on the viewable part of the glass sheet, which can be green, blue or red. Precious stones are also added in it such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies. When the golf foil is put on the entire unit, separate foil is used commonly silver and set into an article or part of jewelry.

Pieces of theva jewelries have a geometric shape that can be oval, rectangular, round or square. Designs are made commonly mythological characters, floral motifs, hunting scenes, etc.