Kurti, Traditional Rajasthani Costume for Women


Kurti is a beautiful upper costume of women in Rajasthan. It is worn with kanchli. The dress cannot be seen in sculptures and paintings of ancient India as it is a fairly new costume, around two hundred years old. Kurti is considered as a modern, stylish and trendy outfit. These days, girls can be seen in kurti with jeans as well.

In ancient paintings such as Banni-Thanni of Kishangarh, you can find just kanchli costume. During Mughal rulers it was hard for women to wear dresses like kurti and reveal any part of their body. So, kurti came so late in India. Kanchli or angia is also prevalent throughout Rajasthan and other neighboring states. Rajasthani married women wear kurti a lot. However, windows in Rajput community hardly wear kurti.

Kurti is found both sleeved and sleeveless with horseshoe and deep shaped neckline. As the neck is extended, most kanchli worn beneath is visible. Tightly stitched around the hem, armhole, side plackets and neckline, covering the color and raw edges. Differences in designing of kurti exist in various communities.

Bishnoi community women wear kurti with slit side and deep neckline revealing everything of kanchli. Kurti comprises its front open, similar to a jacket, while left hand side consists of an extension for overlap above the right side. Additional piping is included at the corners with a beautiful string holding the overlap at the front and side seam with loops and buttons. Rajput kurti does not have centre-front opening that is slipped above the head.