Kundan, Rajasthani Jewelry for Women


Kundan is the way of setting stones by embedding them in strips of soft and pure gold. It fully abolishes the requirement to make bezels or frames to clasp all gemstone. The art work is popular throughout India, mainly in Rajasthan.

Stones of any size or shape can be used in background during Kundan work. The jewelry unit is made to hold a gemstone is commonly of hollow creation with specific parts joined together. It starts with pure gold wire entered into the flat and thin strips. Such types of strips are cut to the specific length and properly led across the stone with gorgeous stylus. It looks eye-catching and attractive. The pure gold ensures the application of force can be weld the gold in the needed size and shape across the stone, carrying off the requirement of healing.

Kundan is surrounded by the stone either in the left plain or its designs are made onto heighten on the stone. The backside is embellished and beautified with minakari or enamel work. Kundan is very popular and demanded jewelry in India, mainly for brides. During weddings its importance becomes a lot and the bride looks dazzling.